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NATOchannel.tv – Informišite se o NATO-u, njegovoj istoriji, organizaciji, misiji i ciljevima i pratite najnovije aktivnosti (emisije isključivo na engleskom)

NATOchannel.tv launched in April 2008 during the Bucharest Summit with a mandate to provide timely, appropriate, accurate and responsive information to local and international audiences in relation to NATO’s policies and engagement in international operations.

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To fulfill its mission NATOchannel has 4 video journalists deployed in Afghanistan to cover the ISAF mission. Three more video journalists are based in Brussels with the mission to cover NATO worldwide.

Natochannel.tv offers free, broadcast quality content to include:

  • Video reports by an experienced team of broadcast Journalists
  • Feature stories profiling NATO operations and activities
  • B-roll and interviews
  • NATO press conferences, lectures and speeches
  • Extensive archive of NATO footage

Contact Us: content@natochannel.tv



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